Ravens “weighing-decision” on signing Kaepernick



6 thoughts on “Ravens “weighing-decision” on signing Kaepernick”

    1. I don’t believe that Tebow’s religion played a part in his ability to gain employment in the NFL. It was his lack of playing to his potential in my opinion. It was soo much hype surrounding him and he did not live it to it. It was said that his accuracy and inability to read/learn plays lead to his downfall as an NFL player. Once traded to the Jets, his flaws were really exposed as a backup for Sanchez. There are many players with voiced Christian beliefs that are top paid football players. Tebow just failed to show up on a pro-level, which wasn’t surprising to most. But it looks like he has found success on the baseball field instead.


      1. Are you really going to compare Tebow’s last season as starting QB to Colin’s? That was Tebow’s ONLY starting season out of his 3 in the NFL. Colin’s first season as a starting qb, he went 5-2, a tie game if you want to count that one because he finished that game against the Rams, and went to the Super Bowl. So if you are going to compare Tebow numbers to anyone, considering he only played three seasons and was a starter for one of the three, be more realistic and fair with your approach.


      2. Wouldn’t you admit that the NFL left a lot of money on the table in lost TV ratings and merchandising after they railroaded Tebow out and never let him start again after an 8-5 with playoff win season? There would be no NFL TV ratings crisis if Tebow was still in the league.


      3. No I don’t believe that Tebow himself caused a lost in ratings and merchandising alone. The constant change of rules and the long talks of football being soft is what caused a lot of lost tv ratings and merchandising.


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